55+ Best Kodi Addons 2020 List For Sports | Live Tv | Movies

Kodi is an extremely good solution for creating Home media center, and it will be more better if we use it with Few add-ons in the top kodi addons list. If you are fond of watching movies, sports then to create your own home media center through laptop or computer your choice turned to the interface of XBMC which is now called as Kodi. Kodi is an streaming application which runs on various platforms and used to stream digital media content. Kodi provides you the feature to watch the stream the media content and make it watch pretty much whether it is stored on a local hard drive or through internet.

Kodi is a open source app that means it is freely availablIt looks to be an amazing add-on for kodi.e and easily modified & tailored to fulfil the desires of the consumers. We have several reasons to adopt Kodi as a digital media streamer such as free of cost, easy to install or setup and well supported. After the name XBMC dropped in support of Kodi the strength of this app will be increasing more and more. The Kodi is getting stronger because of the developer community continuously work on it and released various number of add-ons to increase the power of this streaming media app.

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September Top Voted Kodi Addons

Kodi is generally created for the Microsoft Xbox and formerly called as XBMC i.e Xbox Media Center. The Software Kodi has the functionality to stream the digital media content and provide the high definition videos and images. The Kodi has various new and old add-ons or extension which makes the streaming of live Tv shows or channels easy. Whether you want to access a Netflix account or watch online movie or sports, there is a kodi add-on available for you.

Neptune Rising

Neptune rising is the best and excellent working third-party addon. It delivers the user favourite and other extra videos through the various channels. This addon is the fork to the great add-ons such as covenant and exodus. In nowadays it is giving its service better than the other third party kodi addons.

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Sportsdevil Another one of the most popular Kodi Add-ons and older one which are working on the present time. The sports devil Kodi Add-on  is available at unofficial sports devil repository located in the Fusion. If you guys have Fusion than you are only a few steps away from installing the Sports devil Kodi Addon. As its name indicate this Kodi add-on is also used for  getting links to live sports events.

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The verdict is a popular addon. In nowadays it is getting a huge and tremendous response from the kodi users. Actually, this was released just a few days ago. It can be installed from the judgement repository. It has a variety of categories, to watch them on kodi software you have to install this addon through the judgement repository.

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The placenta kodi addon which can give more excitement than some other add-ons. Most of the kodi followers are showing much interest to get this installation procedure for their different kodi versions. Now we are going to give you the procedure for this installation and you will be watching your favourite videos on this addon.

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Dogs Bollocks

Dogs Bollocks is the replacement for the great third-party addon pyramid. Most of the users have said about the pyramid is an excellent addon but they are getting some interruptions while they are watching a movie. So the developers of this addon have tried to solve those issues to the existence of their stability in the third party add-ons. Now they have introduced the latest addon which we are calling it as “Dogs Bollocks”.

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here we come up with some new popular kodi addons in July month.actually, we conducted one survey about the top kodi addons so we got some crazy report about that.that why today we are presenting our work with you so check the list and get install on your kodi and enjoy popular channels.

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Best Kodi Addons For Movies

Best Kodi Addons For Movies
Genesis Reborn
Specto Fork
1Channel PrimeWire
Safehouse Movies
HEVC Video Club
Fine And Dandy

If you face like https //openload.com /pair this kind of issue then go with that link.

Best Kodi Addons For Sports

Best Kodi Addons For Sports
.USTVNow Plus
BBC iPlayer
cCloud TV
Quantum (Formerly Sanctuary)
Pro Sport
Goodfellas 2.0
Made in Canada IPTV
FilmOn Simple
Rising Tides

Best Live TV Kodi Addons

Best Live TV Kodi Addons
BOB Unrestricted

Best MP3/Radio Kodi Addons

Best MP3/Radio Kodi Addons
New Albums
Top Albums
Billboard top 100
Instant Mix Favorites
Rave Player
The Music Source

Top Kodi Addons List And How To Install Process

The Kodi add-ons doesn’t need any kind of introduction. Add-on installer is also called as app store of Kodi. These Kodi addons make it easy to browse media content through the internet and install add-ons with their repository. Kodi automatically checks for the add-ons updates every time when it get restarted. There are several number of Kodi add-ons which has different functionalities and features.

Printable pathfinder character sheet

We use add-ons to add some extra features in our device. So according to our need we have various add-ons with kodi to stream the media content such as UK Turks Playlists, Exodus, Phoenix, 1channel, Specto Fork, Zen etc. we have listed down some of the Top Best working Kodi Addons below with their features and process to install them:

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New 8 Good working Kodi Addons For Movies 2020

Beest : Covenant Kodi Install

Best : Elysium Kodi Install

1)Zen Kodi Addon:-

Watching HD movies on Kodi digital media streaming device is most popular. The Zen is also one of the best kodi addons for sport, to select from themlive tv and etc, which brought a huge selection of HD movies from numerous sites. Zen has the similar functionality as the Exodus Kodi Addon with various settings features and sections to save the list of your favorites.

Similar to Exodus Add-on the Zen Kodi Add-on streams TV shows & movies and also provfor selecting from them. The Zen Add-ons of Kodi is from Schism and the one thing that makes it differ from Exodus & Specto is it only used for movies. To start the installation of Zen you need to open the kodi first and then follow the given instructions:

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zen kodi addon download

Steps For Install Zen Kodi Addon

  • Open System and then click on File manager.
  • Click on the option as Add sources.
  • Choose
  • Enter a web address http://noobsandnerds.com/portal & then press on done.
  • Type noobsandnerds or a name whatever you want in the box highlighted to enter a name for media source.
  • Navigate again to the main page and click on Add-ons in the System.
  • Select the option for install from a Zip file.
  • Choose the file noobsandnerds or the name you entered
  • Select the file noobsandnerds_repo.zip.
  • Wait for enable add-ons notification
  • Click on Get Add-ons or press on install from repository.
  • Choose noobsandnerds repository.
  • Click on Video Add-ons and select Zen.
  • Press on Install.
  • Wait for enable add-on notification
  • Zen is successfully installed with Kodi.

Here Best repo with Best addon: Rebirth kodi repo

2)Silent Hunter Kodi Addon:-

This is a new Top Kodi Add-on which has great content with Ultra HD Movies & also a list of sports working channel or IPTV List. The Silent Hunter Kodi Add-on has large number of movies with all quality contents including 3D & 4k. Silent Hunter plays movies and TV shows on one click so you don’t need to encounter a server list. This Kodi add-on is normally be a part of Genie TV add-on. Silent Hunter best Kodi Add-on which come up with a huge collection of movies. It also plays new releases movies, box office movies, documentaries and also animated movies as well as many more dedicated sections also. It looks to be an amazing add-on for kodi. http://usaaroutingnumberss.com

Some Simple Steps to be followed for Installation of Silent Hunter Kodi Add-on:-

  • Firstly you guys need to be start with
  • Then Go to System and Open File Manager.
  • Now click on Add Source and then select <None>.
  • Now you have to enter the following web url exactly http://repo.streamteam.space and then click on
  • Type Streamteam in the highlighted box entitled with Enter a name for this Media Source and then press on
  • Navigate back again to home screen go to System then
  • Select the option Add-ons and then Install From Zip file.
  • Choose
  • Click on streamteam-x.x.x.zip
  • Wait for the notification to be appear for Add-on enabled.
  • And then choose Install From Repository or you can also click on Get Add-ons.
  • Select Streamteam and then select Video Add-ons.
  • Then Select Silent Hunter.
  • And click on Install then wait for enable notification.

The Silent Hunter Add-on is installed successfully in your kodi device

3)Redemption Kodi Addon

This is a New best kodi add-on which is primarily evolved for Movie, Music & TV shows. Redemption Kodi Add-on has various categories such as Music, Movies, Box Sets, Screeners and many more. This add-on is the latest kodi add-on has just seem to be in Echo Repo kodi. Redemption has the lots of collection of movies & music including 4K and make sure it will be favorite to you all within a short time. This extension of Kodi is to be tested to make the updates and reducing the malicious content. If you are fond of watching latest movies and Tv shows then this is a great kodi add-on for you. You need to go through the below given steps to install the Redemption kodi add-on.

Redemption Kodi Add-on
Process To Install Redemption Kodi Add-on:-

• Open Kodi or XBMC.
• Then proceed to File Manager and then click on Add Source.
• Click on <None>.
• Enter the web address exactly http://redemptionbuild.16mb.com/
• Then click on Done.
• Type Redemption in the Box named Enter a name for this media Source or you can also type another name in place of redemption.
• Click on Done and then press on Ok.
• Again go to main page and click on System then Settings.
• Click on Add-ons.
• Press on Select Install From Zip File.
• And then choose Redemption.
• Click on plugin.program.REDEMPTION.zip.
• Now you have to wait for enable Add-on Notification.
• Now your Redemption Kodi Add-on is installed.
• Navigate to home screen.
• Click on programs.
• Select Redemption from the main screen.
• Choose redemption and enjoy with Kodi.

4)Specto Fork Kodi Addon

Specto is the latest add-ons update by the Genesis specially resurrected & updated for the year 2017. It is completely with the working links. As we all knows the code is totally based on Genesis Kodi so it has the user interface similar to other add-ons with the live TV shows or movies. Now the specto has one of the most well rounded collection of content links. So if do you want to stream live TV shows & movies this is a better option & you have to take a look on it. Specto also has a best option of favorites folder which allows us to save the files quickly & to search our favorite programs.

specto fork kodi install

How to install Specto Fork Add-on of Kodi:-

The Installation process of Specto Add-on is quite easy. To install Specto firstly you need to have the Kodi. Follow the below-given steps correctly to install Specto add-on with the Kodi.

  • Start Kodi app
  • Go to System then Settings.
  • Then Click on File Manager
  • Click on Add Sources
  • And then press on None
  • After that enter the url http://kodi.filmkodi.com
  • And then click on done.
  • Then type “filmkodi” in the highlighted box titled Enter a name for media sources.
  • Then press on Ok.
  • Go back to the main page & then system
  • Click on Add-ons
  • Choose the method install from zip file.
  • Click on Filmkodi.
  • Select the file filmkodi.com
  • Then choosefilmkodi.com-2.10.zip
  • Then wait for enable specto notification.
  • Then press on Install from Repository/ Get Add-ons.
  • Click oncom repository.
  • Choose Video add-ons
  • And then select Specto Fork.
  • Click on Install Tab.
  • Now wait till the Add-ons notification is enabled.
  • Specto is successfully installed with the Kodi.

5)SALTS Kodi Addon

Stream all the sources (SALTS) is a Kodi Add-on for Video streaming. SALTS the Top Kodi Add-on allows you to stream the media content from a lot of different media sources. SALTS is one of most popular and Best Kodi Add-ons. The SALTS Kodi Add-on is also evolved by the developer of 1channel. It has been tipped as an replacement to Genesis and alternative to Phoenix. SALTS Kodi add-on works better with Trakt add-on which gives the feature to track your favorite Shows or Movies. The developer of this add-ons update two versions of stream all the sources. The Official release version and the beta version. Most probably the beta version is best alternative to the Genesis Add-on and will be more better in upcoming days.


How to Install SALTS (Stream All The Sources):-

  • Download the tknorris repo file and save it where you can access it from your kodi device.
  • To install the SALTS first go to system then Settings.
  • Then find the option of Add-ons and click on it.
  • Click on Install From Zip.
  • Choose Tknorris beta repo and click it and wait for getting enable notification.
  • Navigate back again to the Add-ons menu and select the option Install from repository.
  • After that click on tknorris beta repository .
  • Press on Video add-ons and then Stream all the sources.
  • Now click on Install.

After the add-on enable notification the process is completed

6)BoB unrestricted Kodi Addon

The Bob Kodi Add-on is the new all in add-on for the Kodi streaming app that originally evolved from original members of Phoenix add-on of Kodi such as Valhalla, Blue, Costa, TNPB. The Kodi Add-on Bob is updated recently to the version 1.3.7.  when phoenix team members blue & Valhalla left it everyone is shocked about the next updates by these best playlisters. These Blue and Valhalla are back in this top Kodi add-ons and also make some friends in team Bob.  Proceed to our below listed steps to install the Bob unrestricted Kodi Addon.

bob unrestricted kodi,Top working kodi addon

Kodi check for the latest updates every time whenever it will be restarted. The Best Kodi Addon Bob Unrestricted repo consists five playlisters which are bound together to form a great team called as Bob.

Bob unrestricted addon is a phoenix fork with some new added features & functionalities. As the Bob Unrestricted is a brand new addon of kodi, thus some functionalities are not started yet or a few sections may not be fully up.

How to Install Bob Unrestricted Kodi Addon Repo:-

  • Start
  • Go to System click on File Manager
  • Double click on Add Source & then press on
  • Type http://noobsandnerds.com/portal
  • Click on
  • Type “Noobs” in the section entitled Enter a name for media source & click on Ok.
  • Go back to the main home page & then click on Add ons from file manager.
  • Choose Install From zip file & press on “nan”
  • Click on zip & wait till the repository has been refreshed.
  • Choose Install from repository or the option given according to your kodi version.
  • Select Noobsandnerds repository then Video addons & then Select Bob and click on Install.
  • Wait for the enable notification.
  • Bob Unrestricted is installed successfully if you follow the steps carefully.

7)Phoenix Kodi Addon

This is one of the top Kodi Addon 2020 & classic. The recent updated version of Phoenix is v3.2.0. and there are only a few changes from the previous updates. We all know that Lambda regularly make updates in the phoenix codes. So we can say that the Phoenix follow the Lambda updates of  Exodus. In the phoenix update Lambda changes in the written code of updated providers, updated indexers & cosmetics. The Phoenix addon of Kodi doesn’t supported by the team of Kodi. The Phoenix & its repo is available through fusion. If you have fusion then you can directly install it from the zip file. After installation of Phoenix you can use it from the Add-ons Directory. If you are new to install phoenix then you have to follow the process in two parts. First the installation of  fusion and after it phoenix add-ons.

phoenix kodi download

The process to Install Phoenix on Kodi:-

  • Start Kodi
  • Click on system then file manager
  • A box will appear on the screen click on None.
  • Type the text http://fusion.tvaddons.ag and then done
  • Write Fusion in the box titled Enter a name for media source & click on Ok.
  • After that go back to the home page and click on System settings
  • Click on Add-ons
  • Then press on install from a Zip File
  • Select fusion from the list
  • Choose Kodi-repos
  • Click on English
  • Click on xbmchub-x.x.x.zip & wait till the notification for enable the add-ons is displayed.
  • Then Click the method to install from repository.
  • After that choose Add-ons repository asag
  • After it select Phoenix from Video add-ons.
  • And then install it.
  • Wait till the Add-on notification enabled.

If you follow the process correctly then the Phoenix add-on is successfully installed with Kodi and ready to use.

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8)Exodus Kodi Addon

The Exodus Add-ons of Kodi is replacement of Genesis with the updated code by Lambda. Between the all running add-ons of Kodi the Exodus is the most popular and properly working add-ons of the Kodi. Genesis is one of the best add-ons you should get to run by the Kodi but now the features of this add-ons take a turn to the worse. Now in the genesis add-on the content become commonplace & dead stream. So the developer of Genesis evolved Exodus. The Exodus update of Lampda removes the harmful and malicious contents from the add-on that has become the reason of quite uproar.

If you want to know about kodi latest updates, then you have to restart the kodi and force check for updates to get the fast update of Kodi addons. In the previous version of Genesis a favorites folder is available which is not available in the Exodus and it’s a  great thing for such an add-ons. If you want to install Exodus add-on then at first you have to download & install kodi for your hardware machine. After that follow the instructions to install Exodus with-in Kodi.

The process to install Exodus on Kodi:-

  • Firstly you have to open Kodi.
  • Select System then File Manager.
  • Click on Add Source.
  • Choose
  • Enter the URL http://fusion.tvaddons.ag and select done.
  • Click on the next box named as “Enter a name for media source” & enter fusion in it.
  • After cross check, the details click on
  • Then Go Back to home screen.
  • Click on System and then select add-ons
  • Choose install from Zip file.
  • Then select Fusion & after it Kodi- repos.
  • Click English
  • Press onexodus.1.0.1.zip
  • Then select install from repository
  • After it choose Exodus Repository.
  • Choose Video Add-ons.
  • Choose Exodus & Click on
  • Wait for the notification to enable add-on.
  • Exodus is installed successfully & ready to use.

6 Best Kodi Addons For Sports With Good Features

1)1channel Kodi Addon

This Kodi Add-on is also not supported by the XBMC Foundation or the Kodi team. 1channel is the second add-on of Kodi which offered scraping of TV shows and movies. The name of this add-on is given on the fact that it streams the content of only one site. Primewire is the one and only site which content is scrapped by this Kodi extension. The 1channel Kodi add-on provides you the streamed content of the primewire this means the add-ons has the limitation of content streaming site. In this Kodi add-on the best function is of featured movie menu. The 1channel add-ons has a large selection of TV Shows and movies.

1channel kodi addon
Process to Install 1channel Kodi Add-on:-

• Open Kodi and then go to File Manager.
• Click on Add Source and then None.
• Enter the web url exactly as http://fusion.tvaddons.ag & Click on Done.
• Type Fusion where the text written Enter a name for media sources and then click on Ok.
• Again go back to the main page and then System Add-ons.
• Click on Install from Zip File and then Select Fusion.
• Select xbmc-repos and the click on English.
• Then select the file repository.tknorris-x-x-x.zip and wait for the enable notification
• Click on Install From repository and then choose Tknorris Add-on repository.
• Select Video add-ons and then 1channel .
• After it click on Install.
• Now wait for the notification to be appear.

2) Uk Turks Playlist Kodi Addon

Uk Turks recently makes some updated in UK Turk Playlists add-on to v3.0.2. The old version of Uk Turks playlists doesn’t supports into your Kodi box so confirm before you can use it UK Turks Playlists to tune in EPL and other live sporting events that you have the latest version of this add-ons. UK turks Kodi add-ons is best add-on of Kodi that consists of Live TV, Movies, Cartoons, TV shows, radio, Documentaries, Turkish TV, CCTV and many more. This Kodi add-on has the best feature to One-Click to Play and work in a reliable way.

The Latest version of UK Turks improves the sports section with the different links to game stream in place of bunch of sports channels. The UK Turks playlists have various new features & improvements that are as follows:

  • • Improve Multi Link Channels.
    • Increase Security to stop those are looking to steal the streams.
    • Make global search for whole add-ons.
    • Make watchlist feature so that you know which show you already watched.
    • Ability to add some shows on your media library.

Uk Turks Playlist addon
Instructions to Install UK Turk Playlists 2.0:-

  • • Start Kodi and navigate to System then File manager.
    • Click on Add Source and choose None.
    • Type Fusion in highlight the underneath box Enter a name for media source and then click on Ok.
    • Navigate back to main screen.
    • Click on Add-ons and Select Install From Zip file and choose fusion from the given list.
    • Choose XBMC-repos then click on English and then select repository.metalkettles-x.x.zip and wait till the notification appears.
    • Click on Get Add-ons or select from repository
    • Click on Metalkettales repository and then click on Video add-ons and then select Uk Turks playlist.
    • Click on Install.
    • Wait for enable notification.

below few kodi addons also good for watch sport channels without any kind of issue once have look on those addons they are:

3) Specto (this addon Guide  above available)
4) SALTS (this addon install process mentioned above)
5) Phoenix (this is one of the top kodi addons we can also called as all in one addon)


It is the most popular and the oldest Video Add-ons of Kodi. Sports Devil is a free add-on and use to link live sporting events. On this new year the Hubbab3 updated the Sports Devil Kodi Addon. This is the Kodi extension which is mainly use to stream live sports on kodi including NFL Content. Sports devil has the feature to provide a large variety of other TV Channels. The best feature that makes it different from other is that it streams from the cartoon network to fox news. The Sports Devil is a third party add-on which is not supported by Kodi Team.

SportsDevil kodi addon
Features of Sports Devil Kodi Add-on:-

• Single Live sporting event that on airs daily as well as wrestling PPV, UFC.
• All English premier league UK Football streams in various qualities.
• Every NFL Game including Redzone, or watch NFL in Kodi all seasons.
• Most Live Games like Hockey, Baseball, & Basketball.
Process to Install Sports Devil Kodi Add-On:-
• Begin with Kodi and go to file manager.
• Choose Add source and then press on None.
• Enter the web address exactly http://fusion.tvaddons.ag & click on Done.
• Type Fusion in the highlighted box and then press on Ok.
• Navigate again to your main home screen.
• Choose System and then Add-ons
• Choose the option to Install From zip file.
• Click on Fusion
• Then select Kodi repos and then press on English.
• Choose repository.unofficialsportsdevil-x.x.x.zip.
• Wait for getting enable add-on notification
• Click on Install option from repository or Get add-ons.
• Select Unofficial Sports Devil Repository.
• Click on Video add-ons.
• Click the Sports Devil Option.
• Press on Install.
• Get the add-on enable notification and the sports devil extension is successfully installed with kodi.

Top 5 Kodi Live Tv  Addons List 2020

1) Echo Streams Kodi addon

This is a amazing IPTV add-on that usually hit the scene. The Echo Stream has a large potential after completion of testing process it has numerous hidden games and thousands of TV channels to look. Watch high definition Live Tv Shows from most of the channels from UK & USA on kodi with Echo Streams add-on. You can watch all the most popular live TV Channels of News, Entertainment, Sports, Cartoons, Kids, Documentaries and so on. If you are thinking to install an add-on to watch live TV Channels then Echo Streams is a best Kodi Add-on for you.

Steps to install Echo Stream with Kodi:-

• Open XBMC or Kodi.
• Select File Manager from System.
• Click On Add-Source.
• Press on <None>.
• Enter the url exactly http:echocoder.com/repo.
• Then click on Done.
• Give a name or Type Echo in the highlighted box as Enter a name for this media source and then click on Ok.
• Again go to home screen.
• Then click on Settings from System Menu.
• Click on Add-ons.
• Press on Install From Zip File.
• Scroll the options and click on Echo.
• Choose the file repository.echo-x.x.x.zip.
• Wait the add-on enable notification.
• Choose Install from repository.
• Click on Echo Repository.
• Press on Video Add-ons.
• Click on Excalibur Streams.
• Select Install.
• Wait for the notification to be appear.
• If the instructions are followed correctly then your Echo Streams Add-on is installed successfully in the Kodi Device.

2)Stream Army Kodi Addon

This is the all in one Best Kodi Add-on that has tons of media content. live Stream Army has a large collection of Movies, Comedy Shows, Sports, TV Channels, Music, Kids, Documentary and so on. The Stream Army Kodi add-on offers a great quality media content and also it have a search tab to seek out your favorite media and also provides different sources to stream contents. If you want to know more about Stream Army Kodi Extension then you have to install it and take a look behind its features and functionalities.

How to Install Stream Army

• Go to System and then File Manager.
• Click on Add Source and then Select <None>.
• Now paste this url exactly http://streamarmy.uk/repo/.
• Give a name to the Media Sources like Stream Army.
• Navigate back to System and then Add-ons.
• Select the option As Install From Zip File.
• Choose Stream Army and now click on repository.streamarmy.zip.
• Wait till the add-on enable notification appear.
• Then choose Install from repository and select Stream army.
• Now click on Video add-ons and select STREAM ARMY.
• Wait for the add-on enable notification.
• Now your Stream Army Add-on is installed with Kodi.

3)White Devil Stream Kodi Addon

The Devil Stream Kodi Extension is add-on from Biggy Ozz and this is one of the best Kodi Add-on. White Devil Stream is full of with Movies, Audio Books and Live TV. If you are using this add-on with your kodi device then surely it impressed you with its media content. This Kodi Add-on streams all kind of media content from 3D movies to the documentaries.

You need to follow the given instructions to install Devil stream Add-on.

• Open Kodi or XBMC.
• Then Go to File manager.
• Click on Add-Source.
• Then enter the web url exactly as http://brettus.netai.net and then click on Done.
• Then type Brettus on the highlighted box as Enter a name for this media source and click on Done.
• Now go back to the system menu and select Add-ons.
• Click on the option Install From Zip File.
• Select the Option Brettus and then click on White Devil Streams.
• Wait for the Add-on enable notification to appear.
• The White Devil Stream Successfully installed with Kodi.

4)Project D Kodi addon

This Kodi Add-on is mainly developed for Sports Fans who are busy in their work and always don’t have time to watch the Live Sports Events. Project List has a playlist that was provided through Alpha Add-on. Project D Add-on Specialized for replays the sports event including numerous sports like RFU, NFL Football, MLB Basketball. NHL Hockey, Indy Car, European Football and many more.

Installation Process Of Project D Kodi Addon

• Start Kodi and open System File Manager.
• Click on Add Source and select <None>.
• Enter the web address http://3dhub.netne.net/pd/ and after it click on Done.
• Name the media Device PD and then click on Ok.
• Navigate to home screen and then Add-ons.
• Select Install from Zip File and choose PD.
• Choose plugin.video.projected.zip and wait for the notification stating Add-on enabled.
• That’s all. Now your Project D Add-on is installed with Kodi.
If you guys are interested to watch a lots of movies. Sports or films then you really like Kodi. You just need to have Kodi or XBMC which is digital media streaming app that allows you to watch pretty much media content or HD quality Content whether it is stored on hard drive or locally or accessible through internet. The Kodi app has various add-ons which increases the media quality and also provides lots of features according to your choice. The Installation of these add-ons are quite easy.